Become a PPC Geek Expert

Become a Pay Per Click Management (PPC) Expert following the given steps;

Join: Adwords Official Community Forum

• Master all the Basics (Very Important)
o Google Adwords Learning Center
o Bing Ads Professional
o PPC Academy: Wrap-Up & Guidebook
PPC Metrics

• Follow the given Blogs on a daily basis to expertise PPC
o Google Inside Adwords
o Bing Ads Blog
o Yahoo Advertising Solutions
o PPC Hero
o Click Equations Blog
o Top PPC
o Perry Marshall Adwords

• Try out for PPC Certifications to expertise/enhance your confidence & test out Knowledge
o Google Certifications Program
o Bing Ads Accredited Professional program
o Market Motive PPC Exam

• Practising MS-Excel on a regular basis to become a PPC expert effeciently(Very Important)
o =Concatenation()
o =Proper()
o =Trim()
o =Lower()
o =Len()
o =LEN(A1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1,” “,””))+1 {for Word Count in a Cell}
o =Vlookup()
o =Sumif()
o =Sum()
o =Average()
o =Substitute()
o =NetworkDays()
o PIVOT Table & Chart
o Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+End, Ctrl+Right Arrow, Ctrl+ “-” to delete a column, Ctrl+Shift+ “+” to insert row or column

• Speed in Typing, minimum 35 words per minute (Very Important)
o Online typing tutor
o 5 Ways to Improve Typing Skill Online

• Learn Google Analytics to Enhance PPC Expertise
o Boost PPC with Analytics
o Learn Google Analytics

• Always have a Checklist prepared for each stages of success in PPC expertise, and try following it (An example for your reference)
o PPC Adwords Checklist

Follow this SEM Experts/Mentors, who are doing great in PPC World

Atlast join for a PPC Google AdWords or Analytics Course with Ranjan Jena (PPC Trainer/Speaker/Faculty), Bangalore


Talking about PPC advertising market of search engines, Google enjoys a market share of 66% followed by 16 % of Bing and 13% of Yahoo till June ’13. PPC is one of the fastest to get the traffic. But it demands much more time investment in order to create a successful campaign, else it can also become a money drainage.