Targeting Right with PPC AdWords Keyword Match Types

Increase Traffic Relevancy with Google AdWords Keyword Match Type

Google AdWords Keyword match types help control, which searches by user in Google search engine can trigger a Client’s ad.

 Benefits –

  • Control searches that triggers ad
  • Helps maximize your potential or target relevant searches
  • Help improve return on investment
  • Keywords aren’t case-sensitive; they’re matched w/o regard to uppercase or lowercase

Types of Match Type –

  • Broad Match – include misspells, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations
  • Broad Match Modifier – + symbol – contains the modified terms, no synonyms, in any order
  • Phrase Match – “ “ symbol – maintain the keyword sequence
  • Exact Match – [ ] symbol – exact term and close variations
  • Negative Match – keywords in negative, doesn’t trigger ads


PPC Google AdWords Keyword Matching Options
Photo Courtesy: Blog.Adstage.io

What is close-variations –

  • Show ads for close variations of your Phrase & Exact match type
  • Includes misspell, singular and plural forms, acronyms, stemming’s, abbreviations and accents.
  • Broad Match show for synonyms & related searches, which aren’t considered close variations

Choose right Match Type

  • Recommended “Broad-to-Narrow” strategy
  • Start with Broad match
  • Move specific with Phrase or Exact match type

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